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Who owns this place?

Battle Axe Mead House is owned and operated by Jason & Martha Hart. In 2017 they moved to the Hickory area from Chicago and fell in love with all things North Carolina. They enjoy spending time with their family and friends who are always ready for a good time. The Harts have three wonderful children and six...yes six pets! They enjoy visiting local area businesses and share a love of beer. This love, paired with a sense of adventure, led them to the world of mead. The "Nectar of the Gods"! Things haven't been the same since! 

Battle Axe Mead House

Battle Axe Mead House is a mead centric drinking establishment located in downtown Hickory. Our goal is to highlight North Carolina meaderies while providing a unique atmosphere and experience to the area's residents. With elements of Nordic culture attached to a modern look, we hope to offer an alternative to the usual bars and clubs.  A place where people can not only experience new and exciting things, but make memories and friends. We are excited to offer some of the finest meads in the state with a wide variety of flavors to assure there is something for everyone! 

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